Our mission would not be successful without the imperative support of our business partners! Please visit their sites and show them your love......Thank you!


Zen Animal Wellness provides in home veterinary care for Taos pets. Besides traditional care, Zen Animal Wellness also provides alternative care such as herbal support, acupuncture, among other alternative modalities.

Owner/founder, Dr. Heather Fox, supports DOG ON IT! through her exceptional veterinary care of all the dogs in our Recipient Program and all the shelter dogs utilized in our Training Assistant Program. She also serves on our DOG ON IT! Board of Directors.


Through their Master's Practicum Program, New Mexico Highlands University provides DOG ON IT! with Social Work Master's students that give volunteer hours in specific areas that the Master's Program designates. This gives practical experience to the student and simultaneously serves the organization.

We recognize and thank New Mexico Highlands University for their exceptional reputation in their Master's of Social Work Program.

One World, One Heart

Generously serving as our umbrella organization, One World, One Heart enabled DOG ON IT! to begin rendering services to Recipients and to begin our Training Assistants Program while we were applying for our 501(c)(3) federal status. Received in July 2019, DOG ON IT! now operates under their own 501(c)(3).

We are deeply grateful for the support of One World, One Heart!


DOG ON IT! founder and Master Trainer, Delinda VanneBrightyn, lends the expertise and opportunities of her DOGOLOGY pet-training business to the organization's mission, encouraging Training Assistants to further their education by also working alongside her in pet training programs. This gives imperative added experience for the Training Assistants at no charge.

Dogology provides additional various services in support of the DOG ON IT! mission.


Utilizing shelter dogs in the DOG ON IT! Training Assistants Program helps the dogs to become more trained and thus, more adoptable while simultaneously giving our Training Assistants the opportunity to apply their learned knowledge in a practical setting with different temperaments of dogs. In our latest program, all the selected dogs were adopted before the program ended....wonderful results!

We celebrate the mutual working relationship between our two organizations and are deeply grateful for the benefits its affords both our organizations.